A WEITER state of mind.

Because society as well as corporate culture are undergoing transition. Because character matters. Because it’s the details that make all the difference.

WEITER was founded in 2020 by the designer Anna Bermes with the goal to bring about real change through creativity and with self-confidence to shape the world. To make a statement for nonchalance, casual luxury and radical openness. For that we chose the German word WEITER to name our brand. It expresses our intent to take in and act on the whole picture. With our exquisite business bags we want to give people the tools to burnish their personality and to put their own WEITER into action. Expressive, free and cool. Every day. 

WEITER is international. A team of fabulous, idea-spraying talents. A German brand, designed in Paris, manufactured in a family-run business in northern Italy. This is how we can best combine minimalism from Germany, classic elegance from France, passion and excellent workmanship from Italy. Simply cosmopolitan.

Sustainability is a mindful principle that we incorporate into everything we do. We are proud of this poise. It stands for quality, environmental awareness, responsibility for the people who work for WEITER. And grown partnerships with whom we share values and attitudes.

WEITER is designed for longevity. That is why we put time, skill and care into everything we do. So that our designs will continue to support people in developing their own character even tomorrow. So that they can make their ideas come true.

Vision What we wish for the world to become

Free the business world of formality and visual restrictions. Encourage people no matter their background, race, religion or gender – to outgrow established expectations and to enrich business environments by living out their personality and their individual ideal of a premium business mindset.

Mission How we contribute

Designing premium goods with the potential to catch one‘s eye. Handcrafted with high quality materials, designed with a minimalist yet an expressive approach.

With premium business bags made in Italy we deliver on our promise to design choice for those who value quality and design, but mostly want to have their individuality reflected in the products they choose. At WEITER we are always willing to challenge the norm and to add character to our premium business products and services.

We put design, service and attitude at the core of everything we do.

Purpose Alpha and Omega

Designing Beautiful Choice for those who dare to be visible. In Business. In Life.